iCloud Drive syncing

Is there any possibility of adding iCloud syncing to weblog? This would be a much more approachable and seamless alternative to both the web interface and git.

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That’s a super interesting idea. I’m not 100% sure, but I believe the pathway to iCloud syncing is through either a macOS or iOS app, so I’d need to make one of those first. I haven’t looked into it much, so I hope I’m wrong about that (because tapping into iCloud storage and syncing would be amazing) but I don’t think I’ve seen any web services that make use of it without some kind of accompanying app, and I think the data to be written to iCloud storage has to be written through that app.

I’ll do some more research and see what I can figure out, though!

If it helps, there’s a project called Montaigne that used Apple Notes to blog. While it doesn’t seem to be active, perhaps some ideas can be gleaned from it as to API access.

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Oh, I see, that’s really clever. They have you use the Notes app and then share the note with their own iCloud account, which is how they’re able to work with the content.

I think it comes down to having some kind of app that’s iCloud-enabled where content can be shared with another iCloud account. In Montainge’s case it’s Notes, but for weblog.lol it would have to be something else. Will definitely dig into this!

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From my reading it seems Apple is finicky around its API access, which while a good thing security-wise makes life difficult for devs trying to use it productively. :wink:

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two cents from the cheap seats: syncthing might be a possibility, but in my experience, sync is generally one of the hardest things to deploy successfully in any app, and, is two way sync is even needed for this scenario?

Another idea is old school, but if weblog.lol user folders could be exposed by sftp, there are plenty of apps that could be used to push a folder from most OS’s to whatever remote host.

If a user hears “you can do it with git, here’s a quick overview”, if they have that knowledge, they can just set it up pretty easily. However, for a person who has never used git and has no idea what it is, the web UI is simply friendlier and immediately do-able.

To me, solutions like sftp or a sync solution feel like they’ll over-stretch an already stretched support system because of a lack of control. What I mean is, you can control things like line endings or encodings in a web UI or when you’re using git locally, but 3rd party things like sftp or some system X, are going to have their own set of FAQs.

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