I might very well be the only person to come across this

I’m putting this under General after first thinking it would go under Weblog, but I think it is affecting any “textarea” editor in the web UI. I can’t seem to add a textarea <textarea> and what seems to happen is that on save, it ends the editor and all subsequent content that may have followed it now becomes markup on the page. Yes, it is as bizarre as that sounds.

I was planning on adding the sample markup + markdown combo I’m using for entries of form items in my styleguide to a paste but even the paste editor seems to suffer from this, so I created a gist here: textarea.txt · GitHub. It contains both markup as HTML and markup in markdown code ticks and works for all other form types so far except textarea (I’m nearing the end with the “t”).

Perhaps I’m not meant to have textareas in my styleguide and this is the universe telling me to stop working on the styleguide.

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Oh, yikes, I’m so sorry about that! I think I know exactly what’s happening and how to fix it, and you’re right — it’s something that needs to be fixed all over the place.

I’ve just fixed this in the weblog textarea (because the universe does in fact want you to continue working on your styleguide!) and I’ll work on fixing it universally shortly.

Thanks for letting me know about it!

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Great! I tested it out with that sample markup + markdown and all appears to be working as expected now :sparkles:

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