I’m confused, how is this different to Discord

Why post here and not there?

Similar apps, but different in key features. My personal choice for help/support/forum lies with Discourse.

They have the answer to this exact question on their blog, if you’d like to take a look :slightly_smiling_face:

Discord and Discourse - Better Together | BlogDiscourse


Plus, this is public while discord is not, meaning search engines can pick it up, good for support.


:+1: good point. Do you think feature requests would be good here too? So they don’t get lost.

You’d have to ask @adam, but I think here and GitHub should be good for that, just like IRC.


Do you think feature requests would be good here too? So they don’t get lost.

Absolutely, yes! I’m working on gently moving away from GitHub, and this is now the place for feature requests.

But back to your original question, it’s a really good and fair one. maique did a nice job of answering succinctly but I should probably try to write something up about Discourse, Mastodon, IRC, and Discord — they’re all apps that allow for information to be exchanged, but I think they all have different use cases. Without getting too far into the weeds, I’ll just say that Discourse scratches an itch that none of the others quite get: persistent, threaded discussion with solid search. (Discord recently added threaded discussion, but Discord isn’t self-hosted like this Discourse instance is.) Hope this helps!


essentially, this is more of a public space for sharing ideas and features that also makes sure that nothing is lost in the nooks and crannies of Discord


For me the most important difference is that Discourse is async communication that I can read and post on my own time. And Discord is chat so synchronous communication with FOMO build in.