How do I display a list of posts under a tag WITHOUT going to that tag?

I’m trying to make a page for a bunch of translations and I want to display a list of posts that’s under a tag (like “TL”), something similar to when I type {post-list} to get a list of posts in general. If something like this already exists, how would I go about this?

Were you looking for something other than the dynamically-generated tag pages? If you have posts tagged with a tag like tl, then visiting /tag/tl on your weblog should produce a page with all posts that have the tag. Does that work, or are you looking for something else?

something like typing {tag/TL} would bring up the list of posts under that tag on a separate page.
or maybe be able to edit the tag/TL page.
Sorry if I’m being confusing with wording :sweat_drops:

Gotcha! Going to go ahead and tag this as a feature-request so I can track it. Hopefully won’t take too long to implement it!

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Has there been any development on this? I came here to find something just like this.