Help me get the Chill Shack going!~

Im trying to make a chill shack, in terminal land.

I can get other places to connect TO it but i cant get it to connect back to the place i came from.

so here is the place text:

NOUN chill_shack_mountain
TYPE place
LABEL Chill Shack Mountain

DESCRIPTION You’re right in the buzz of chill shack mountain, famed for sitting perched atop a small snowy mountain eternally ringed with a sparkling rainbow. The shack is filled with terminal users partying and dancing. There’s balloons, cats, free sangria, even a stray goat! On and on, the beat keeps pulsing on Chill Shack Mountain. You’re having a great time.

PROPS balloons, cats, free sangria, a stray goat


But when i save it says its an invalid place, i get this invalid place whichever location or direction i try to connect, what am i doing wrong? am i supposed to call the place up as a noun first? Yay thanks! :heart:

Also how can i make interactive objects instead of just props? how can i make it so terminal users can drink the sangria? or play in the dj booth :slight_smile:

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I think what happened was somehow the Chill Shack overwrote the Lodnon Main Street, but the identifier in the database remained as lodnon_main_street. I just moved it to its own object, but it might still need a little help with the way the directions are wired up (same goes for some other places… making these connections isn’t currently very intuitive!).

As for interactive objects, we’ll get there eventually! Just trying to get things up and running with locations at the moment, and as the kinks are worked out that should pave the road for building other kinds of nouns as well.