Gift code confirmation mail does not contain the actual gift code


I purchased some gift codes recently and found it rather annoying that the gift code itself isn’t emailed along with the confirmation mail. Luckily I nabbed a precautionary screenshot (this isn’t my first time on the internet, after all).

And I know it says “keep it safe” and you can probably dig it up if given the order number but I think it would be a little nicer to have that code sit safely in my inbox until such time as I want to give it away.


Addendum: I think it would be especially awesome if it would be a cute, printable pdf with a gift certificate :prami_contented:


@adam i think this is a pretty important feature missing as part of that service. Could you possibly fix and fast track this issue?

I used to have a little printable thing and really need to restore that. But yes, an email receipt of the gift code is also a must — will get that in soon!

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