Font Awesome, pro vs free via's version

I am currently using’s version of Font Awesome via including the necessary CSS/etc. I’m trying to cut down on some includes and linking to anything not in weblog Files or on my own CDN. This is obviously A Process and will not be immediate, as I have several steps (I’m working on a big CSS refactor).

However, one thing I think I can segment off on its own to tackle is Font Awesome and whether I want to continue relying on’s version or host my own. I’d really like to swap using the icon font and use SVGs and I’m wondering whether’s version is pro or free. I think I’ve only been relying on it being the free version and not using any other icons, but wanted to check.

Answer: Free

Question answered by myself. Marking as answered!

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I know you’ve answered this already but the set members are allowed to use is Font Awesome Free.