File extension names in GitHub with new file storage

If we’re using GitHub for our files and want to create a CSS file, should the file extension be “.html” within GitHub? Should it go in the “configuration” folder?

Right now, from the file export from the omg web UI, there is a configuration file with a “.txt” extension and a template file with “.html” extension inside the “configuration” folder. The page template has a “.md” extension and is inside the “weblog” folder. Should this still be the case? For example, in the GitHub account, the default configuration file has a “.conf” extension and the default templates have the “.html” extension.


This same topic came up in IRC earlier. Here’s a quick log of the chat:

3:20 PM <mihobu> Question for the gurus here... It looks to me like the GitHub 
action is not picking up my js and css files because they are not named .md or 
.markdown. Am I missing something or using the wrong version of the action or 
3:26 PM <@adam> mihobu: I wish I could say that there's a newer action
3:27 PM sadly, there's just the one awkward action that needs some help, heh
3:27 PM part of the issue is that we _just_ got the ability to store files in the weblog, 
but they're not stored in a conventional sense
3:27 PM they're stored as .md files with some special metadata at the top, so that's 
still what the action script is expecting to import them
3:28 PM what I *really* need to do is make it so that when non-MD files are present 
in a repo, they get pulled into the file process (and, similarly, when they're exported, 
they export nicely like that as well)

In summary, the weblog engine is tuned to only look for .md files, though you can have other kinds of files (any type of text-based file) with the new file hosting feature. It’s just that the feature doesn’t host files in the traditional sense; it stores them as weblog entires with special metadata to indicate the MIME type. So, there’s more work needed to make this play nicely with the GitHub Action. Hoping to start making some plans for the upcoming weekend, and this is some work that I’d really like to focus on because it will make things vastly easier for folks. Stay tuned!