[Feature request] Academicons

Academicons is an icon font for academics, designed to be used alongside Font Awesome. It would be awesome (and relatively easy to implement) if we could get Academicons support in the profile page.

Their website has a section on how to use it alongside Font Awesome but the jist is:

  1. Import their CSS
  2. Use i tags with ai in the class property instead of fa, like so:
<i class="ai ai-ciencia-vitae"></i>
<!-- Displays the ciencia-vitae icon -->

The backend could have some sort of code like this pseudocode:

if  icon in academicons:
  return <i "ai ai-${icon}"></i>

Thanks! :rainbow:


I think the way the code works is that every available icon is aliased. For example, {byemc} sets the icon to omg-icon omg-byemc(the file holding all this info is here). There’s already two icon sets working alongside each other, I’m pretty sure it’d be easy to add another. Where there are conflicts there can always be a prefix.

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@gil, happy to look into this — I’ll have some time over the weekend.

@bye, I agree, I should be able to work it into the existing icon setup! :+1:

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