Express exit/entrance logic

So, I just went from a street to someone’s house by going southeast, and then the exit back to the street was south.

I’d like to suggest logic that by default automatically creates matching routes in/out, to prevent this sort of topological nightmare from growing.

However, I’d also like to suggest that when defining a place there be some sort of command to expressly override this logic (but only as long as the funky thing you’re going to do doesn’t conflict with existing topography), so that people can still build weird places that play with spatial relations.


Yeah, that’s a great idea. I’ll need to think about how I’ll implement it, but it should be do-able. Might need to change the syntax of the directional connections a little so I can better manage this stuff on the back end. That will probably mean that we go from:

NORTH TO someplace
SOUTH TO someplace_else

To something grouped like:

  NORTH TO someplace
  SOUTH TO someplace_else

Which will make it easier for me to do cleaner linkages between places when they’re saved/updated.

Will try to get on this soon!

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