Expand "Emoji addresses" Help Page to be more general

This page specifically: omg.lol - Emoji addresses

Out of curiosity, I tried typing in a Japanese address and omg.lol happens to accept it.

I don’t know if it’ll be enough relevance to mention for that page, but I thought I’d mention it anyway. So I guess make the title and info to be more generally special characters (and other languages) instead of just emoji?


Excellent call-out. IDN/Punycode stuff applies to all kinds of Unicode characters, not just emoji. Definitely shouldn’t have been so limiting there! I’ll get the documentation updated soon, and thanks for mentioning this!


@adam ill get on this now if you dont mind?

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Thanks @laker! I may have closed off too much of the repo (getting ready to make some changes there but haven’t finished yet) so if you want to connect outside of GitHub that’s fine.

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