Error in Weblog when saving three of four templates

I brought this up on Discord today, but have decided to get something in here too just to track it, since stuff gets lost in the stream on Discord.

There is an unlabelled error in the web UI for weblog when trying to update/change and save one of three templates: Page, Tag, Tag Listing. The error does not occur for the Main template or for content changes that I can tell. When the error occurs no data get saved, but no data is lost, and it happens even if I just try to save one of the template without making any changes. Perhaps something related to the changes I forced on you yesterday :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: assuming it is PHP related.

I don’t know that it is PHP related but there isn’t a message attached and the error only started after the most recent changes I had requested which is the only reason why I said this.

I have other addresses and went into their fresh uncustomized weblogs and the Page template saved fine there, but again it has no customizations.

I even backed out of my most recent config changes on my customized weblog but still cannot save any new changes to those three templates. So I’m out of ideas.

I won’t be around most of tomorrow but if my config would be of help to look at, please let me know and I can share it, but the only recent changes to config I made were related to the iso date updates previously mentioned. I’ve mostly been making HTML updates for ordering and preloading assets from my CDN, which now I can no longer finish since I can’t save those three templates.

Marking fixed for now, another case of posting to Discord and Adam tackling it from there. Will revive if it rears again.

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