Emoji picker shows the wrong emoji

Here’s a screenshot of the bug in action:

I’m trying to pick the “game controller” emoji but it is showing the “sparkle” emoji. Once I sent the status in it came out just fine: @drhayes’s statuslog

It didn’t happen with the two other emojis in the picker. I don’t know how widespread this is.


Sorry about that! This is due to some wackiness with the Fluent Emoji font set and the unicode mappings. There are a few people over on the Fluent Emoji repo who’ve pointed out the issues and they’re begging Microsoft to release some updates to the font that will address the problems. We’ve all been waiting for a while now (over a year I think, as someone mentioned over there earlier today!) so I might just have to hack it a bit and make it work better on my own. Sorry again for the trouble!

No trouble! I got the emoji I wanted in the end. Thanks for the info!

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