Element.omg.lol, can't set up passphrase

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to set up keys for my Matrix account at the website element.omg.lol. After choosing a passphrase, I get the following message:

Confirm your identity by entering your account password below

My Matrix passphrase is not accepted, and I don’t recall having any password for my .lol account at all (loggin in with one-time links). Also, I see no option to set it up. What do I do here?

This comes after I click Upgrade button in window

Encryption upgrade available
Safeguard against losing access to encrypted messages & data
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@lisi remember where you created your matrix account in the omg.lol home dashboard? Well if you go there, you can go ahead and see the password of your matrix account the system assigned to it when it got first created. By default it will always be there and it will always use that password for that account unless you changed it on said account (like i did).

Let me know if this helps!



Hi @lisi, let me know if @c0nfigurati0n’s suggestion doesn’t help. (But that should be where you find the password!)


@c0nfigurati0n @adam Thank you very much, it worked!