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I am after some help, Iam trying to setup my omg.lol world using some of my own domains, I have already added richonrails.me to my switchboard but what I want to happen is when someone visits now.richonrails.me I want them to go to my now page.

I have tried adding the following into my weblog settings as outlined on the forum but I can’t get it to work

;; URL Mapping

;; -----------

URL map: now.richonrails.merichonrails.omg.lol/now

Any help would be appreciated.




Hi Rich — sorry for the confusion here! URL mapping in weblog.lol doesn’t actually perform any redirects, which is what we’d need for the setup you’ve outlined to work. What it does do is take an external URL and then map it to a page that lives within weblog.lol itself. But none of that is really documented anywhere or has ever been explained, so I feel really bad for the confusion.

The good news is that you can still do what you’re trying to do! Just pull up your address’s Switchboard page, add now.richonrails.me as an External Domain and follow the instructions provided on the page for configuring it, and then once that’s done set its route to your Now Page (via the menu right beside it in the list of external domains). That’ll make requests for that domain point to your now page.

Let me know if you run into any issues with that setup or have any other questions!


Didn’t mean to spam all the avenues - thought it would be better to post here after I had emailed to share the knowledge.

What you described worked perfectly - I read something else and got totally confused.

Sorry about all this and thanks

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No worries! I would never see it as spam. :smile: Glad you’re good to go now!

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