DNS and DigitalOcean

Hello, I have a blog and a small app on DigitalOcean, but I can’t get the forwarding to work.
The blog is located at jens-blog-4mipw.ondigitalocean.app, but a cname forward to blog.jens.omg.lol seems to give DNS issues.
I think I can resolve these by adding three namespace-records for ns1 - ns3.digitalocean.com, but as far as I understand it this will make DO the manager for DNS records, and I’m a bit scared the default omg.lol services won’t work anymore. Am I being too cautious or is there something I’m missing still?

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Hi Jens,

You really shouldn’t have to mess with any nameserver records for this. From what I can tell, you’re actually in good shape from a DNS standpoint: blog.jens.omg.lol is correctly CNAME’d to jens-blog-4mipw.ondigitalocean.app and traffic is resolving there. The issue now appears to be that the DO server isn’t issuing a TLS certificate for blog.jens.omg.lol, so web requests are failing. Is there anything on the DO end that lets you specify the domain you’re using with the blog, so that they know what to use for issuing a cert? Or is there a button you can click over there to request the cert? (I’ve used DO for other stuff but I’m not familiar with their app stuff, sorry!)

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@jens looks like it’s working now! https://blog.jens.omg.lol :+1:

Yeah, I feel dumb. There was a button next to the generated domain where you could add another domain. I just had to tell it I managed DNS and register it and it worked…

Thanks for looking at your part btw. I was a bit confused by their explanation at their DNS howto page.

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Don’t worry, I fumble over stuff like this all day long. And there’s never any reason to feel dumb over anything even remotely related to DNS — it’s all a trap anyway! :smile: