Discord status bubble icons

Hello! I was wondering if discord’s status icons could be added to omg.lol’s icon library?
I did see that of the icons from the Font Awesome free set are similar-ish enough to the discord icons, so adding the discord icons might be useless.
‘circle’ as the online status
‘circle-minus’ as dnd status (though the minus is too thin compared to the discord one)
‘circle-dot’ as offline status (the ring is a bit too thick compared to discord’s one)
Couldn’t find an icon similar to the idle icon.
If you think these are worth adding, here is a zip of the svg files for the icons.

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Great idea! This is in place now, though sometimes the icon font can be a little slow to work through caching across all browsers — but here’s how the icons look (with their respective {icon-tags}):


Nice, thank you!

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