Design dysphoria?

Does anyone else seem regularly to grow itchily unsatisfied with the design of their online presence? I feel like I often seem to do a bunch of work toward a particular design and then weeks or months later decide it’s not “me” but it takes so much work to change it again, and I just get moody and frustrated about it.


It’s been a few weeks and no one responded here… but I don’t think that’s because no one else here identifies with the issue; if anything I think it’s all too common and people either don’t like talking about it or don’t have anything overly helpful to say about it.

I fall in the latter group. I feel this issue keenly, and I used to obsessively create, adjust, destroy, and re-create pretty much all of my online stuff all of the time. And if I had more time, I’d still be doing it today — the only reason I don’t is that I have too many other things going on. So, becoming incredibly distracted is one way of dealing with it, but I’ll be the first to admit that that’s not overly helpful advice. :frowning:

There could be a more positive way to frame it, though: what if it just means that you have exquisite taste and high standards for your work? :smile:


My online presence is pretty much just my LinkedIn profile, which is rather depressing in its own way.

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@bix @adam I’ve been feeling this myself lately, so you’re definitely not alone. My bigger problem is actually finding the motivation and making the changes I envision; too much dwelling on life and too little energy. :wink: That being said, I don’t see this as a problem at all. Just like making our real homes the way we like, why not decorate our digital ones with a fresh coat of paint too.

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