Decoupling Mastodon for Responses

One thing that wasn’t clear to me right away is that it’s not possible to respond to status updates unless it was also cross-posted to Mastodon ( This was especially evident when using the status.log iOS app. I wonder if it would be better for to have its own comment system but have the ability to link Mastodon if desired?

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It’s a great idea. Right now, is pretty bare-bones, and it relies on external stuff (typically Mastodon) for any kind of interactivity. I’ve always pretty much embraced that bare-bones nature, but I can definitely see how a case could be made for expanding with comments/discussion.

I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts on this! For now, I’ll tag this as a feature-request. :smile:

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Thanks for the consideration! While I totally understand the desire for simplicity, I see flourishing into a self-contained community. Some people may feel that Mastodon is a barrier to interacting with others within the suite of services. I personally like Mastodon but, it feels a bit detached or external to everything else. I still very much appreciate you hosting the instance for everyone though.

I would even go as far to say that you should focus less on the internet address on the home page and more on the community now that it has grown organically. Getting a fun email and web address are perks to being a part of the community. To me, is shaping up to be the creative and social haven we all needed but never got.

Just my thoughts. :smile:

Edit: Upon further reflection regarding Mastodon, I wonder if it’s ActivityPub itself that would make interacting more seamless here? For example, updates would be exclusive to this community but others in the fediverse, including Mastodon, could follow or interact with members. I know it’s probably a big undertaking to essentially make a fediverse client for but it’s something to consider.