Cannot access on mobile data

I can’t seem to access on my mobile network, ever! I’m on O2 in the UK and I can access all the other instances like,, etc. both on the web and through apps. Only fails to connect. Is there a reason for this happening? Am I being stupid and missing something?

PS: It has never worked on mobile data for me. All the other instances do.

O2 has somehow flagged as an age-restricted site.

You can turn off the option on your account by logging in to MyO2 and going to this page:

It should load fine then!


That works! Thank you!!

It’s so wild, because of all of the Mastodon instances out there, I’d bet that is one of the more family-friendly ones. Not sure if O2 broadly includes Mastodon sites or even what their selection criteria is, but it’s definitely annoying. :grimacing:

I agree, but it seems like no, because I think I can access most other instances fine. (I don’t remember coming across another blocked one, but I’m also less likely to remember any other server than my home-server being blocked.)


Well, I’m on a mission to get this corrected now. Wish me luck! :sweat_smile: