Can i make more webpages?

Hi!!! loving! But really curious - can i have more pages than just

Like can i have and etc. and it just be a html??

Or do i need it to be hosted somewhere else and then would ummm change the dns? Sorry im new to learning all this but would love some advice or guidance!

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Great question! The answer is… kind of, yes. :grinning: started off as a simple profile page service, so the single profile page concept is still pretty much at the center of things. But, we recently added a new (beta) weblog engine, which is quickly growing into something more sophisticated. And it’s capable of housing multiple pages, CSS files, JS files, etc. It’s not as intuitive of a setup as you’d get with a traditional web hosting platform, but if you have the patience to work with a beta tool (that itself is a bit cranky), you can do some cool things.

Check out this video that I made last night for another member who was asking about a similar setup (kind of): Webpage on the root domain and weblog on a subdirectory - #2 by adam

If you have any questions about what’s going on here, just ask. If it looks to be too wacky for your needs (or patience level), then yes, it’s 100% possible to use your address with any external web host by making some simple DNS changes. You could even go with a completely free setup like GitHub Pages or Netlify, and I can help you get set up with those if you’d like.