I’ve been tracking my books using a Github action and importing the date to my website with fetch.

I’ve been recently playing with Micro.Blog’s Bookshelves, it provides similar but nicer functionality.

I was wondering if there’s room to develop something similar on has a nice ring to it :wink:


Neat idea! Looks like someone else has already done something with, so I checked on, and that was taken too (though what a cool idea, to have your very own domain dedicated to the books you read!).

Out of curiosity, what format is the data in? I have a couple of ideas on a nice and easy way to get a book/reading list up and running, but I’d love to learn more about how your process works!

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@adam @flamed You’d probably both be interested to read Katy Decorah’s Read Action code, also using GitHub Actions. She uses it for her book tracking, and it’s geeky as hell.

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Reading.LOL has a similar taste in books to me, loading up my “want to read” list :slight_smile:

Funnily enough, I am using Katy Decorah’s Read Action.

I have my read action that I can either kick-off there or with an iOS shortcut.

The data is stored in the same repo as a JSON file.

On my website project, I use eleventy-fetch in a function to get the data from the metadata-library and make available for 11ty to use.

I have the book data in several places, the main one being my bookshelf page that is generated with a 11ty layout file.

It works fine; the book cover images are downloaded and stored in the metadata-library repo and available for me to use in my 11ty project.

It can be precious about what book data it downloads and fails if certain attributes are missing.

I have to search for the ISBN number again to mark a book finished with the iOS shortcut, which is slightly inconvenient. Easier if I’m at the PC and doing this through Github as I can quickly copy/paste.

What I like about the Micro.Blog version is that I can easily move books between the shelves representing reading states. It also syncs with Libby, so my library books are already there, ready to be moved between shelves without searching!


So utterly geeky, I love it. On the flip side, this casts doubt on my ability to grok Eleventy and bend into my will. I’d never be able to figure out these kinds of things myself, as I have no JS experience. Credit where it’s due, MB makes these sorts of things ridiculously easy.


Yeah it is geeky isn’t it.

It looks like I also drafted a blog post that I’ve been meaning to write for months now.

I’ll work on fleshing it out now :wink:


I’d be very interested in reading this.

I am working on this post this week. I have a couple changes to make, otherwise ready to share.