Block actions on you

There should be a way to block people from performing actions upon you, such as DANCE or HUG. Perhaps a config file where you can put

BLOCK VERB [reason].

where the last argument is what will display if someone should try to perform that action on you.

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Great idea — love it. Soon you’ll have a way to edit your own player noun the same way that you can edit place nouns, and that’s where you’ll be able to do that!

Could be done with BLOCK, but you could also maybe have a little fun with it, too:

  RESPOND You attempt to dance with Bix, but he deftly out-maneuvers you. He then slips you a small card which reads: “I do not dance.”

Yes it makes sense to use the same ON/RESPOND syntax.

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This is a great suggestion, and one I appreciated from my MU* days. Some of us got rather creative with our responses!

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