Automating Now page

Hey folks :wave:

I’m wondering if there’s something like a “dummies guide” to automating your Now page?

I know Robb wrote a little on this topic but I’m very much not a developer.

What have people’s workarounds been?

(Sorry if this is dumb, I thought it might be a good topic for the new forum!)


Seems like an interesting service idea nod nod wink wink

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I have this listed as a potential idea but I have no time.

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My idea of “automation” is to let someone else write it for me :sweat_smile:


I don’t either, but I’m bored so I might

I too would be very interested in learning how to do this.

My Now page lists recent films I’ve watched, but currently I’m entering them manually.
I saw someone else’s /Now have them automated with their reviews from Letterboxd (with links) , which would be cool (+save me remembering to do it! :sweat_smile:)

Looks like Letterboxd has an RSS feed for profiles, like mine, so it’s totally possible. I’m not entirely sure of the best way to do it, but a cron job that loads the last three entries and adds them to your /now page is the first thing I can think of, but it might seem stupidly technical for some.

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I thought about this as I was setting mine up the other day, and I was looking at Robb’s post, but in the end… I decided against it.

I went back to read the original nownownow manifesto and thought about it in the context of “what this person is focused on at this point in their life”, and decided… actually… a bit of manual curation on an occasional basis (I set mine to remind me every 2 weeks, for now), makes more sense to me. If folks want to follow my music and watching history in detail, there are sites that I link to for that. I’m personally using mine as more of a “top of mind right now” than as a lifelog.

YMMV of course, and I think there’s value in having more posts like Robb’s that describe different ways to pull live data in! Just my 2c here.


Hehehe, you made your page inspired by my page, I like it! :laughing:

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Oh 100% @ediz - thank you for your great Terminal theme. :pray:

I ended up tweaking it to be slightly more TRON-ish blue (+mixed it up with some ideas from other pages), but otherwise, kept most of the same great styles you kindly provided. :heart:
(esp. with the Statuslog styling! :sweat_smile:)


Glad you liked it! :hugs: Hehehe this Statuslog style looks better for Terminal Land style! :laughing:

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OK, just added integration to my /now page. It’s all client-side, so it doesn’t count as it actually updating, which I prefer (I want the “last updated” to be by a human, please).
The source code is on GitHub, but be aware that{username} doesn’t work on other pages because I mastered CORS