App tips for new Discourse users :prami:

:wave:t2: hey friends

I used to run the Discourse community for a uh, formerly nice/popular large social network… for ~8 years.

Just wanted to share a couple of tipperoonis:

  • there’s a Chrome extension if you’re into managing notifications from your toolbar etc.
  • there’s an iOS app called DiscourseHub that lets you add multiple Discourse communities and follow them there (works most but not all Discourse servers, works with omg, I’m posting through it now)

For the editor, you can add links as you type via [Ctrl|Cmd]-K and it’s all markdown style, so should be familiar to OMGers. There’s : completion for emoji, and @adam already added Prami :prami_contented:

HTH, enjoy! :slight_smile: oh, and share anything you find as you learn, so others can discover neat tips, too!


Good news for certain LOLers… there’s a Dracula theme in the Discourse settings! :vampire:t2:


If like me you don’t like how the DiscourseHub app works there’s also an iOS app called Fig.


Wow Fig is amazing!!


Wow, Fig is really good! Also love that it has a discoverability feature to find new communities.

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I feel called out and I like it!

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Are there any Android apps? I’m trying to wean myself from the Apple ecosystem. :slight_smile: Thanks!

why does this feel targeted at me lmao

Give DiscourseHub a try. Basically the same as the iPhone app but Android.

I was going to mention Fig, but I had the impression that it was abandoned, for some reason - glad to hear that it’s an alternative!

Fig is still on the App Store, but hasn’t been updated in 2 years.

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Dracula is the only way

Now it’s not even showing up in the App Store. At least not for me.

I think Fig has been withdrawn, but DiscourseHub is still available.


Fig is still working on my phone, I also found DisHub on the App Store, haven’t played with it much, but it doesn’t look bad at all.

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