An archival idea and maybe a bug

I put “2023” as a tag, and it shows up as “0” on my tag list. That might be a bug. However, I know in other places (mastodon or twitter) tags can’t start with numbers.

But I think it’d be cool if someone is using the /Y/m/ post path format and if you erase the slug the the url, it automatically shows all the post using that path.

For example, if you type example.tld/2023/03, it shows all the posts for that month. Or if you type, example.tld/2023 it show all the posts for that year.

Personally, I’m only using the /Y/ post path because I’m such an infrequent poster.

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I endorse the idea of year and month URLs showing a {post-list} that’s filtered for the relevant year or month.

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Awesome idea! And shouldn’t be too difficult, so look for an update on this soon.