Ability to reply to forwarded emails as example@omg.lol

I read Simplelogin Faq and wondered if Omg.lol can have this feature…
Excerpt from Simplelogin:

I receive an email forwarded to my personal email from an alias. How can I reply to that email? Do I need to go to SimpleLogin to initiate the reply?

You can reply directly from your email client. Just click on the “reply” button, the reply will be routed via SimpleLogin and SimpleLogin will make it coming from your alias. Your personal email will stay invisible to the original sender.

Technically, the From header in your email is replaced by a special alias dynamically generated for each sender. When you reply, your reply is actually sent to this special alias and SimpleLogin will relay the reply back to the sender, making sure the email is sent from your alias. All information about your personal email address is removed during that process.

Is it possible for Omg.lol to have this feature?


Hey there!

We currently only support sending from omg.lol if you have a Fastmail account. You can read more here.

We’re in the early stages of a feature that will allow you to use a dedicated SMTP server in your email client, but no ETA on if/when we’ll have that ready for production.


I am really looking forward to this.

@faisal will the implementation be similar to how it is implement in rad.dad?


If/when it gets implemented, yes. It’ll likely use the same backend as rad.dad


Can’t wait!!!