Ability to blog from VS Code

I think it would be a killer feature to be able to blog from VS Code. replit recently started offering SSH access, allowing one to connect to the repl from VS Code. Basically one can edit their app code and run the repl locally instead of using their web interface.

I’d love to see that ability for weblog. More specifically, I wish to combine it with this idea:


Here’s what I am visualizing my blogging workflow to look like:

  • I’d create a new markdown entry on a local folder, which syncs up to weblog.
  • Image pastes on VS Code convert to local image path, using Paste Image extension.
  • The local image is uploaded to some.pics (this is handled in the background with a custom script that’s written by me)
  • The local path that’s added to the VS Code editor is replaced with the some.pics link as well. (again handled by me with a custom script)

I have no expectations of the SSH feature, because I understand it’d be a massive effort. Just wanted to start a discussion.

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This sounds really cool, but yeah, as you pointed out, I’d have to look into the SSH stuff. Though now you have me wondering if I could extend the weblog.lol GitHub Action to automatically ingest images found in weblog repos. Definitely something to look into. Will share an update soon.

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