A omg.lol Telegram Channel

It could be interesting to look into adding a Telegram Channel for the omg.lol community alongside the discord server and what not.


I would have some concerns about using Telegram. It’s used by quite a few unsavory groups, and their security is less than stellar as far as I know. For example, Fleeing WhatsApp for Better Privacy? Don't Turn to Telegram | WIRED


Telegram is just like discord and whatsapp, with the only difference being that it’s kinda just a mix of the two platforms in one. It can also be “bridged” with discord, matrix, IRC, etc. Making it another great extension to the omg.lol universe in my opinion.

In case you don’t know there’s a BOT @omgdotlolbot

But a channel… I really like that.


Thank you for sharing. To my understanding there is no channel on Telegram for the omg.lol community thought, and as such i made the suggestion for one.


I’m looking into this now. The main challenge will probably be automating access to the channel for omg.lol members only. But hopefully I’ll work it out!

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@adam any updates?