2 Random Questions


I have a few questions (well more like 2, for now)

  1. When I created the archive and about pages, I had to use a date for them, thus whenever I access those pages it shows the date they were created. Is there a way to either hide those dates? I obviously tried to delete the dates but it breaks the pages.

  2. Is there a way to make images clickable to be enhanced (or zoom), is that a thing that can be accomplished in the Main template or that’s a behind-the-scenes thing?

That’d be all for now.

to show my profile picture if not pictures are in post but I am almost sure there’s already a topic about it somewhere?I may have a question regarding link previews in social media

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I haven’t had time to dig into templates, but a css way to achieve number 1 is this:

h1:has(> a#user-content-archive) ~ aside.post-info {  display: none;  } 

As for number 2, I’m not sure. :wink:

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For #2, were you thinking along the lines of a simple “click on image to view it full size”, or more sophisticated “click on image to view it in a slick lightbox”? Or something else?

just full size